Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Farewell October!

First, can i just say UHHH WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!? I feel like it was literally October 1st barely a second ago. Time.. such a tricky little guy. Lets do a quick wrap up on October because I think it was seriously my favorite month of the year thus far! Also, lets blame my non existent October blogging on all the fun I was having during the most glorious month of the year!

Let's see...

October 1-3: took lots of midterms, attended advisement meetings, had a visit from Lacey to her old summer stomping grounds, got my car back (Hooray! A word of advice, don't rear end anyone. Ever. You'll have to pay hundreds of dollars to fix your car, talk to insurance companies more than you'd ever wish upon your worst enemy, have no car for a while, pay a ticket, and do driving school. Just trust me on this one. Don't do it.)

October 4: I work at this cool place where they throw cool end of the year parties. This year they booked a private Imagine Dragons Concert and I took my dear roommate//best friend Jess. IT WAS A PARTAYYYY!

October 5-6: CONFERENCE WEEKEND. Eek! Greatest conference ever. Seriously. So inspiring. Plus, I got to go to the conference center and watch it live with one of my favorite people.

October 7-10: May or may not have hit rock bottom with the stresses of school/work/boy life and may or may not have eaten out almost every meal. Hey, you only do college once.

October 11: My baby Brittlyn came back to Provo from her three month adventure in Ecuador! Provo has never been better I tell ya!

October 12-13: Weekends are my favorite days. For obvious reasons, duh...they are always full of fun, non stressful situations! For example, I went to the BYU football game, took a three hour nap with my roommates in one bed, ate ice cream, ya know all that weekend shenanigans us collegers do.

October 14-18: The usual school/work week. With a few fun surprises along the way: I got to go to lunch in salt lake with one of my favorite girlfriends, got some fun birthday packages, got the internet in our apartment fixed aka best day ever (it had been broken for over a week. Do you know what that means? No Netflix, no Apple TV. Heartbreaking)

October 19: I TURNED 21! Holy smokes, i'm basically a grandma now. It was a super fun day despite the stresses of being an actual adult! :) just kiddinggg it's already become one of my favorite years! Plus, Legal Vegas trips are coming at you in the near future. Prepare yourself.

October 24: I went to an advisement meeting with the biggest smile ever cause I was planning my future and so stoked on life and left with tears in my eyes and the biggest lump in my throat. Yup... I have FOUR more years til I can graduate. Yup...I've been in school for 2 & 1/2 already. Yup... I am changing majors. Yup... I will keep you posted.

October 31: Ended the month with a trip to my favorite state in the world for my best friend's wedding! Such a happy ending to such a glorious month!

Various October Days: There were tons of the typical provo Halloween dance parties going on that of course we all had to participate in!

**Other noteworthy things about October: 1) My love for bowling grew and grew.. I think my roommates and I went at least four times. Which is a lot considering I haven't gone at all this year until October hit. 2) I doubled (plus some) my kiss count and while it is a little tiny bit shameful, my obsession with boys is going strong and I ain't even mad about it. 3) October in Utah is absolutely STUNNING and the weather is spot on.

Until next year October!

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