Saturday, December 31, 2011

thee best of 2011!

It's hard to believe that 2011 is already gone. When I was younger people would always tell me "time flies by so fast!" or "I feel so young, I don't even know where all the time has gone" and I would always think, "ugh, they are crazy... I can't wait to grow up" oh how naive i was. haha I know I am only 19 but seriously, time is flying by so so fast lately. 2011 was an amazing year. amazingly trying, amazingly hard, amazingly good, and amazingly life-changing! i've learned so much. Lets look back on some of the best (and worst) of times this year, shall we?


Celebrated the new year with some of my best friends! 

Went to Morp! Yes, I did go with a boy not just friends.. I just can't find any pictures. 
(There was more fun stuff in February I'm sure, I just can't think back this far)


Went to California with my family and Brooke for spring break ANDD....WENT TO CLUB 33! Possibly the most exciting thing of the entire year.. and my entire life. SO INCREDIBLE.
 Went to Senior Prom with Tyler! 
 Awh so, so happy
the entire huge group! so fun! 

 Went to the Senior Picnic with some of the greatest people to celebrate the end of High School! 
 Graduated from Seminary with the seniors from my ward! 
 Graduated high school with two of my best friends and the entire highland high class of 2011! so bittersweet! 
And of course, my amazing family came out to support me! 
started nannying this cute baby and totally fell in love. 

 Went on a "senior trip" with all my best girlfriends to California! 
 We seriously had the best time. I love them so. 
Andd I got to hang out with my cute grandpa up in California too! YAY! 

 Went to California again! This time with my cute sisters...
 ...and cute little brother! and, our parents too! 
 The best movie in the history of the world aka harry potter 7 part 2 came out and i saw it with my sisters and friends at midnight. best. night. ever.
 Went to this amazing girl's concert...
...with these amazing girls! it was mind-blowing. such a good show

 Lauren was in the hospital for a day and i got to hang out with her there AND picked up her pain killers because my parents were out of town. future mommy right here
 drank away the arizona heat with yummy sunny-d and cute sisters 
cute little baby wyatt was born! yay! he is such a doll. 

 there was a CRAZY rainstorm in arizona and i danced it out with these girls 
 since brooke nor i were in school we decided to take a road trip to disneyland! YAYAYAY!
 we rode this ride about 50 times 
small world! i love it. brooke, not so much. 

 while dad was at stake priesthood session us girls, mom, grandma, and luke went to sweet tomatoes! yummy! 
had lots of fun times/bonfires with great company
 celebrated my 19th birthday with my cute family and did so many fun things! 
 and then that night my cute friends literally kidnapped me and surprised me with a birthday dinner. they. are. the. best. 
 Went to the taylor swift concert. BEST NIGHT OF MY EXISTENCE. it was amazing. greatest concert, hands down.
went to the state fair with my amazing friends to see darius rucker sing! love him. 
 spent lots of time with my amazing best friend and her family and somehow started loving her even more than i did before
celebrated thanksgiving with my amazing family and realized how much i have to be thankful for! 

 Went to the polar express with my cute siblings and grandma! so, so fun
 and we got to go to the deer farm too! 
 had our annual best friend secret sister gift exchange! AND we got to skype our dear taylor! 
 had to said goodbye to my cute primary kids who i love so so much :( 
celebrated the birth of Christ with this girl and the rest of our family! such a wonderful christmas. ps.. i gave her that panda hat :) 
Said goodbye to my favorite baby in the whole wide world. being her nanny was one of the best things i have ever done. I love her. 

I wish i could post every picture because there are so many great ones. 2011 is a year i'll definitely remember. Such a great time of my life. So thankful for the people I get to share my life with and who are with my along the journey. What a year. Cheers to 2012! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

thee final countdown

11 days until Christmas, 15 days until Provo, 20 days until college.

Goodness. Everything is happening SO fast.

Its my last day at on Thursday, my last weekend with my amazing friends, my last primary lesson with my dear, sweet, little primary kids, and my last couple of days with my Jade. Not to mention only two weeks with my wonderful family.

Change is in the air. And change scares me

Also, i wanna go on the Ellen show during her 12 days. Adding that to the bucket list!

Friday, December 2, 2011

First post!

Well hi there, I'm Kaley and this is my blog. Ah, who am i kidding... no one is gonna read this blog, but hey lets just pretend. Anywho, lets jump right into this whole blog shindig!

Isn't it crazy how fast time flies? One second i'm in high school just itching to graduate and move to Utah, and the next it's actually happening. And i'm freaking out. FREAKING OUT. how, oh how will i ever move away from my favorite state and all the beautiful people in it? honestly, i haven't a clue.

However, i DO know that Utah will be such a party. I get to live with Brooke, my best friend ever, in a brand new house and I can't wait to get back to school and figure out my future!  Leaving home is definitely out of my comfort zone though. I'm nervous, excited, scared, and anxious.. and sad/happy. I suppose it's bitter sweet!

Life sure is beautiful though, change and all!

Ohhh and one day, i'll learn how to update pictures and maybe get a follower or two?! You know you want to.