Sunday, May 4, 2014


Well… another semester has come and gone and i could NOT be happier. Holy crap, school is such a doozy. Not to mention a major downer. And really hard. But it's great because you learn and get smarter and can get a degree and basically change the whole frickin' world. You can do that without a degree… but hey, a degree might help. ANYWAYS. School is over and that means it is SUMMER! Summer is my FAVORITE season in Provo. Wowowow the weather is beautiful and there are so many fun things to do and outdoorsy activities and its just down right great.

Since it is summer and I am not in school this semester, I decided to make a SUMMER 2014 BUCKET LIST! (It just seems more fun and more exciting in all caps.)

SO without further ado, I formally introduce my Summer Bucket List to all you beautiful people:

* Go to Europe… We're talking Norway for sure, possibly France, Greece, or Italy.. maybe Spain. Ah the possibilities are endless
*Work a lot and save some monies
*Go to San Francisco. Never been there. This is happening in June. Seriously
* Read a book… a really good, inspiring, uplifting book. Any ideas, anyone?
* Go to concerts in the park/rooftops of Provo
* Be tan
* Go to a Farmers Market
* Go to the Food Truck Roundup
* Redo the ole bedroom
* Go to Boston (read in Boston accent)
* See "The Fault in our Stars"while displaying my ugliest crying face.
* Try new food places. Yum.
* Send more mail
* Go to Arizona and see my sister Graduate. WOO!
* Go to the zoo with all those wild animals.
*Clean out my closet and get rid of ugly crapppppp/cute crap i don't wear
* Do at least a few DIY projects.
* Meet new people
* Go to the aquarium
* Hike the 'Y'
* Start a new TV series on netflix aka my bff
* Rope swing into a lake/swim/go to lake
*Eat healthy…sometimes
* Spend more time outdoors
*Document my summer

K… i realize this is a long list. And most of the stuff is CHEESY…like REALLY cheesy. But, I want to do them all.  I'll keep you posted on how they go with pictures and stuff on the bloggity blog.

I have a feeling this summer is going to be a good one.

OH! In other news, I thought I had one year left 'til I graduate. WRONG. It's two.. I cried and was THIS close to sending in my discontinuance letter. Pray for me at this rough time. I don't know how i'll make it through..