Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Okay, okay yes... I realize that its been coughfivecough months since I have blogged. You see, every semester I tell myself I am going to blog consistently and use this to document my life and all that jazz and then... every semester it doesn't happen. It's kinda comparable to me telling myself that I am going to start running, eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis, etc, etc, etc. You catch my drift? Basically, lets not set ourselves up for more disappointment and just get used to sporadic blog posting so its easier on all of our hearts.

Currently Kaley is...

Reading: My statistics lecture book aka hell on paper. Like really BYU... I am just wanting to be a preschool teacher and teach little 3//4 year olds the alphabet, their colors, and maybe the seasons if we are feeling really daring and up for a challenge. Why oh why must I learn about box plots, quartiles, and computing data?

Smelling: This fancy $20 deodorant I just bought from Nordstrom. Seriously I know what you are thinking.. $20 for deodorant? WHAAT? Just trust me on this and start saving your money to buy it cause its probably the greatest thing to happen to me all year long.

Working on: Making my apartment cute. I recently moved in with some of my favorite girls and I am so happy and it is so great except our apartment is a little harmful on the eyes and slightly concerning to me. Our apartment has already been given the nickname, "The Dollhouse" because the walls are covered in blue and white striped wallpaper and all the furniture perfectly matches the blue on the walls. Honestly, its a little bit, how do you decorate that? Oh well, I'm accepting it! Its kinda quirk and vintage (we're talking 1987 vintage)... right???

Watching: What to Expect When You're Expecting. Clearly I'm baby hungry and Chace Crawford hungry. What can I say? Babies are the greatest, most heavenly things on this earth ASIDE from hott boys. I don't know about you but I feel like Chace Crawford is the definition of a hott boy. And this movie has both! It's a win-win really.

Loving: Missionary letters//emails. OH MY GOSH. K seriously, having your best friend on a mission is kinda sucky and really lonely (just kidding, its great that they are serving the Lord) but oh man, nothing compares to their letters. Its thee BEST. I love it and they always make me want to be better. Seriously, I just adore those cute little missionaries.

Excited about: FALL! K, Utah has the prettiest falls. Also, Fall contains my birthday, some of my favorite holidays, and football season aka hott boys in tight uniforms (can you tell I'm a little boy crazy lately?)

Shopping For: Absolutely nothing at all because I'm a poor college student trying to save my money. Its a rough life sometimes.

Well...that was fun! Lets do this again soon, blog!