Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello there 2014!

So... that gratitude project was a complete and total bust… lets just chalk it up to an 'i tried' moment and everyone know that I really am grateful for oh so many things. With that out of the way….


New years is such a happy happy time! Seriously. It makes me feel so rejuvenated and like i can conquer anything. To me, its a fresh, clean slate that symbolizes the opportunity to become something new, something better, The chance to have new experiences, new outlooks on everything thrown at you, new purpose. So grateful that 2014 is now upon us! I have really high hopes for you, 2014 and know you won't disappoint. Heck, you already proved to be great on the eve of your existence.. its always been such a downer to me, New Years Eve. Such high hopes and expectations, never to be met. But I'll give it to you, new years eve 2014 was the exception! Such a great night.

The night started out on a date with the one and only Jeremy! He's the best and he does plans things that he knows I would like… He sure makes me feel special.

Two words: WELCOME DINER. Two more words: SO GOOD. Its this little place in the heart of downtown phoenix. Outdoors, lights, and mexican glass coke bottles. I give it to giant thumbs up. I mean, look at that meal… a homemade biscuit sandwich with fried chicken and cheese with gravy on the top. HEAVENLY.

After Welcome Diner, we headed over to the cutest little ice cream shop, also in Phoenix and got ourselves the S'more Sundae. HOLY HEAVEN. The marshmallows are homemade and they scorch them with a flame right before your eyes. 

 What's a party without the Duce and your best lady friends? Then following that with a trip to the casino to watch all the crazy gamblers and a trip to waffle house at 2 am?! Such a good night.

As with any and all new years, i try and make goals that would better me and make me a happier person. I try and keep it simple and pick a spiritual, physical, emotional, and academic goal. I won't bore you, non existent readers with my personal goals for the year. Mostly, i just want to be adverterous and fearless. Just, right? Way easier said than done… fear and comfort zones are two of the biggest describing words of the life of Kaley. But i can do this. I'm ready! Which….is why I am applying for a month long study abroad to take place in beautiful Greece and Turkey

Just look for yourselves….

Breathtaking, right? It'd be the adventure of a lifetime, thats for sure. 

Til next time, little bloggy blog. Xoxo.